A B O U T.

A B O U T.

Hardcore development

We are not your regular development company. We like the word partner.

Our experience in the technology industry has lead us to be very critical with the traditional way of doing projects and business. This is why we are not zealots about any language or technology, not even any process or methodology. We prefer to constantly question what's the best for the current project and how can it be sustainable long term accross all areas.

We're not rebels, we're just pragmatic people working according our ethics. That's why we don't have an absurd fixed schedule that keeps us working every day at the same hour. Every member of the team works at it's best at their own time. Time! Time is the most valuable asset so we try to avoid unnecessary meetings. We practice asynchronous communications as part of a healthier work environment and distributed agile mindset.

Our development stack is quite wide and it includes PHP, JavaScript, React, Vue, Angular, Swift, Objective-C, C, C++, Ruby on Rails, Go, R, Python among many others. This is not a detailed list and we do not have any preferred one, we just use what we think is best for every project.

In an ever changing environment, we strongly believe that our job is not only to code, but to think, zoom out and use creativity to define and solve any task we are given.

We are culture lovers and are involved in many projects to unfold freedom of creative expression, decentralization & digital sovereignty.

We believe in an amazing future for all enabled by technology. We strive to help take steps towards that vision by creating digital experiences, trying to move away from buzzwords and focusing on the product and the final user.

Our Areas of Services


Any kind of development involving software and hardware, we do it.

  • Blockchain & Web3
  • SaaS
  • Third Party Integration
  • & much more


Interface and experience are most important pilars of every application.

  • Website Design
  • Mobile Design
  • Wireframing & Product Planning
  • & much more


The best investment for your project: 10 years of development backs us.

  • Product Design
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Branding & Strategy
  • & much more